It is difficult to know what is right in all cases. - M.B., I.210.29


Religion has always lived up to the freak expectations of a few to provide, yet new alternatives to itself. To those few who worn new doctrines as ornaments, Agnosticism came as another wave of fashion! People heard of it, and few of them thought it was politically right to be in neither side, but have a seat reserved at both the sides. This peculiarity of Agnosticism drew several Atheists, as it was, somehow, less heretic being an Agnostic than being an outright rebel was.
Agnosticism holds that one can neither prove nor disprove God's existence. It claims nothing but, mere, uncertainty and doubt. To the newly born Agnostic, it is, no doubt, more appealing an idea to be in doubt, ilk an intelligent, than to be cocksure, like a fool.(1) When one says, "I am an Agnostic", he literally means that "I am without knowledge"!

Albeit, keeping one leg in each of the two disciplines (Theism and Atheism), an Agnostic has confidence in neither. He remains too reasonable to deny God and too bothered to admit one. Agnosticism, though, ideally a transitional state from Theism to Atheism, sometimes, however, turns into a pit of quandary and dilemma from which extrication seems difficult. A theist, mostly the product of an irrational society, when set out towards Atheism, the seemingly absolute, halfway, gets stuck in the no man's land between God is and God is not.

One ought to understand that Agnosticism is not a wall, standing behind which one may safely throw insult and revilement at both Theism & Atheism, as is often seen, but it is, rather, a state of temporary passivity and keen observance accompanied with a good deal of tolerance toward different doctrines to criticize healthily but not to humiliate, mock or ridicule any of it. Though Agnosticism is a morally admirable resting place, but in any case, it is not the final resting place for the human mind.

(1). “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt." - Bertrand Russell


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