It is difficult to know what is right in all cases. - M.B., I.210.29


When the world is overflowing with pornography and perversity, the endeavors of a few to teach others the idealistic (read abstinent) use of their privates, seems futile. This editorial has no such pretensions.

Onanism, herein, is restricted to the ‘manual stimulation of the genital organs (of yourself) for sexual pleasure, usually to the point of orgasm’ or ‘masturbation’, to use more general terminology. This editorial will not ‘touch’ the most general terms.

Orgasm is a strong motivation. Attitude towards Orgasm distinguishes a guiltless Onanist from a guilty one. One entertaining the spiritual domain, who considers Orgasm, a feeling- divine and holy, and thus, uncertain of his eligibility to relish this feel, but certain that he, somehow, should, explore nature’s grandeur in as small a place as a loo or a lav. For such a person, the brief orgasmic feel, comes with a briefer feel of success but, is followed by a lingering feel of remorse. The other one, the realist or the materialist, assured that orgasm is as innate a facility as eye-sight is, does not find the need to treat it reverently, and thus, explores he too, this gift of nature, however, without any post-regrets. Please note that the use of the word ‘guiltless’ is not vindicatory. It is not the writer’s attempt to advocate irreverent attitude towards Orgasm and does not mean righteousness in this case but it simply shows the attitude of Onanist towards himself.

A fresh adolescent, untroubled so far by his guardians, re the reproductive avenues of his body, when realizes the giant burning devil inside him, wanders hither & thither, in search for truth and finds cheap literature (Erotica, as its fanatic prefers to say) instead. His hopes for guidance from his guardians are demolished, who, otherwise redundant, exhibit a meek conservative attitude towards the physical changes he is undergoing. He, thus, takes their indifference for their ignorance and walks away into the wild, alone.
Unscientific theories like “A hundred drops of blood makes a drop of semen” may frighten a few but only humor the rest who are aware of the general facts of Biology. Indian Swamis and Sages have always maintained the importance of Celibacy or Brahmacharya, the preservation of the vital. It seems that the religion thrives on abstinence & penance, and a sage has some sort of passion for the sad and the dull. However, for a realist, who is soaked in the absurdity of cosmos, it is very difficult to understand that if our existence is a, mere, chance accident in this huge universe which is dead & cold to our feelings, then why should we refuse the few pleasures that life offers.

Onanism, thus, is merely a rude and crude way to remind oneself that the human mind prefers pleasures of body over peace of soul and hence, the reasons such as ‘Masturbation to avoid night-falls’ (in boys’ case) and ‘Masturbation without lust’, with less doubts, are excuses, feeble and frail. It is more manly to abstain from bodily pleasures than relish them. It, then, remains an individual responsibility that if one dare to barter temporary high for apparently, permanent fall.


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