It is difficult to know what is right in all cases. - M.B., I.210.29

The Tyranny of Religious Scriptures

The zealous religious crowd has imposed the tyranny of religious scriptures on themselves. It seems lunatic of such people to assume that their rule books will remain consistent with time for ever without any need of amendments.

Students of Science know what a theory is. A theory is corrected again and again till it is consistent with all the relevant observations. A first draft for a theory can not be considered the final because the hypothesis may sound reasonable at present but may seem contradictory and/or folly later in time. Is it not possible that our ancient holy writers got it wrong the first time? Why, their first attempt at describing the secrets of life should be considered absolute and perfect without any further questions and queries? It is not correct of us to assume the words of our holy books final and infallible.

Our holy books are not words of God. They are written by humans and thus, are liable to errors. Considering them the absolute underscores man’s lack of ability to make discreet decisions. It proves difficult to a reasonable man to believe that God chose few specials souls like Krishna, Budhha, Christ, Muhammad & Mahaveera to pass the divine secrets and expected others to borrow the divine knowledge from these few souls or suffer eternal spiritual destitution. The analyzed and meditated truth is greater than any revelation.

Those who are aware of the basic facts of Astronomy can relish the unintentional humour of Genesis in its following line (Genesis is the first book of the Old Testament: tells of Creation; Adam and Eve; the Fall of Man; Noah and the flood etc.), “And God made the two great lights, the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night; and he made the stars also.”

If books like Genesis are to be held true than we would have to believe that there is a God who is actively interested in the production of life like us. But if it so, then we would have expected a better ratio between the absurd universe hollow and the amount of product (us). And even given the possibility that there might be life on Venus or Neptune or in some far away galaxy, our meaningless existence on earth distract such zealous religious men from acknowledging any extra-terrestrial life. The Church approved model of universe with Earth as its centre shows more than erroneous science of then; it also shows the, then, dominant conceit.

I do not ask others to doubt every tale, scrutinize every letter of their holy books but to take the metaphorical meanings for their literal sense is religious bĂȘtise, to say the least.

Few understand the meaning of Vedic mantras, which they recite endlessly in Sanskrit language, as if saying them alone will do the trick. It is similar to recite ‘Turn on the switch to light the bulb’ in some foreign language to light the bulb, completely disregarding the fact that you are expected to understand the command and turn the switch on! Religious books are mostly set of instructions to a raise morals and morale. Worshiping a book on Civil Engineering won’t help building a bridge.

Guru Granth Sahib’, literally Mr. Book, is the most revered book in the world with a team of Sikh saints fanning it continuously day and night. It is more worshipped and less read by Sikhs. Muslims’ Quran operates in a more or less similar fashion, with a hand-made wooden throne to keep it on. Muslims do not touch the Quran without performing vazu, the act of cleaning their hands and face in a specially fashioned manner.

There is a small village by the name of Sawla in Dungarpur district of Rajasthan, where in a temple dedicated to a Saint Maav Ji, there is a handwritten book called Chaupda consisting of thirty two lakhs and ninty six thousand verses, which is forbidden to be read all the time. It is displayed for worshiping purpose only once a year on the night of full moon of the Hindu month of Kartik.


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